Your Brand - Make it Speak

Nowadays, when we say Internet, the first thing, which comes in the mind of each brand, is "Share of Voice". Brands are curious to know how much percentage share of voice they have on web.
But what exactly is a "Share of Voice"? 

As per Wikipedia, Share of Voice - SOV refers to the advertising weight of a brand or a group of brands. It is generally expressed in terms of the percentage of a market segment or the total market determined in a definitive manner over a given period of time. The typical definition of advertising weight includes aspects such as ratings, expenditure, poster sites, pages and various other components. 

Common share of voice reports will have a pie chart which shows  percentage SOV of the brand and their competitors.

There can be two scenarios:

1)      Your competitors have more share of voice as compared to your brand, or
2)      You have more share of voice as compared to your competitors

In both the cases strategy will remain same.

In both scenarios Objective will be:  To increase share of voice of our Brand

Strategy: Here where everyone do mistakes. They blindly target all social media platforms and try to raise their share of voice there. However, do all social media platforms are meant for you? The answer is "NO"

For example, Facebook channel should get least priority by a B2B brand.  

Here we will consider a B2B brand. First see where you and your competitors stand on the social media channels.  
We will now take each social media channel and will plan our strategy for it in the coming posts.

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