Feb 27, 2012

Free Webinar: New Mobile Capabilities for 2012, with Guest Speaker: Whole Foods

Webinar will be on how Whole Foods Market is using Mobile Business Intelligence to balance both individual store effectiveness and regional uniqueness while promoting the efficiencies of "oneness." 

Learn how to make your Mobile Apps even more compelling and magical with features that drive usability, user adoption, ROI, and ultimately… your business. 

Presented by Dave Zodikoff, IT Director, Whole Foods Market, and Hugh Owen, Director, MicroStrategy Mobile, and featuring 12 new mobile capabilities added in MicroStrategy 9.2.1m. 

Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 12:00 PM EST 

Register at http://bit.ly/yy4JXJ

Feb 22, 2012

Free Webinar on Going Mobile, Getting Social: 7 Strategies for Success

How to Combine the Science of Mobile with the Art of Social Marketing

Join multichannel marketing expert Akin Arikan to learn how to define a mobile strategy that supports your business goals, and get expert tips for leveraging social media and analytics in order to make every mobile investment count.

  • How to avoid the traps many mobile marketers fall into when it comes to creating a mobile marketing strategy
  • Ways expert marketers are integrating social media with mobile marketing to provide relevant, engaging content
  • The importance of integrating mobile with other channels to meet the needs of your customers at every stage of their lifecycle

Event Date: Thursday, March 1, 2012 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

Speaker:  Akin Arikan 

                Author and Interactive Marketing Evangelist
                IBM - Enterprise Marketing Management 

Register at: http://bit.ly/ArYlVH

Segmenting big unstructured data (Social Media) on different dimensions – Part 1

Making insight out of the big unstructured data is the major concern area nowadays. The social media is one of the main sources of unstructured data.

Currently many Brands are just segmenting their mentions on social media based on sentiments (positive, neutral, negative). But does that really make sense? NO.

We should drill down further and segment those millions of brand mentions based on different dimensions in real time to make actionable intelligence out of that.

In this post, I am taking an example of mobile phones. “Consumer Electronics” market is facing lot of competition because of the new entrants, rapidly changing dynamics etc. To stay ahead in the business, the brands need to be do lot of work in market intelligence.

Through social media intelligence, we can determine which features consumers wanted in the next version of the product (Product innovation), what they like/dislike about the competitors’ products (Competitive intelligence) and which features of the product we should target in campaigns (Campaign Intelligence).

Some of the steps involved for this analysis are:

1. I crawled the web and collected all mentions on particular mobile phone brand.
    2. Then classified those segments based on tonality (Actionable Positive, Neutral, Negative, Actionable Negative)
    3. First I took only the “negative/actionable negative” mentions and through text analytics segmented those in different dimensions.
    4.  Finally I came up with the 15 dimensions. Below chart is showing the top 5 dimensions.

You can see that 56% customers are not happy with the “Battery life” of that mobile phone.
24% of the customers found the mobile phone bit pricey. 3G, Fragile Screen and poor Call quality are the other major concerns.

5.     Further split the dimensions on “negative” and “Actionable negative” mentions.
6.     It will tell that which issue is making consumers to take a negative action like not to buy in future or not to recommend to friends etc.
7.     These insights product team can use for the new product innovation. The insights will tell them which features to add to make the product more valuable to customers, what are the most needed features etc.
8.      We can further segments these mentions based on geography, demographics and see how the trend changes.
9.      This will help us in running campaigns targeted to specific geographies.
10.  The same segmentation of mentions can be done for competitors and find out what consumers like about their product.
11. This type of Analysis you can do after the launch of product on month on month basis and see how the trend is changing. What are new emerging, persistent and fading area of concerns.

The same analysis we can do for positive mentions and see which features consumer’s likes and need to retain for the next versions also.

In the next post, I will be covering some more dimensions in which you can do segmentation of mentions of “consumer electronics” brand followed by some other verticals. Also I will be covering the topic “How to segment the mentions on different dimensions using text analytics tools”.

Do you find this post useful? Please leave your feedback in the comments box. 

Feb 19, 2012

Free Webinar on Big Data on BigInsights by IBM & Persistent Systems

Companies today have a surplus of information. Emails, documents, databases, spreadsheets, and even tweets all contain valuable data about a company’s markets, products, customers, sales, and more. Answers to every question a company wants to know about its business are there – and yet out of reach without a tool to synthesize and interpret that huge amount of data.

Image Courtsey: enterprisecioforum.com

IBM BigInsights is that tool. In this webinar, IBM and Persistent will give you useful insights on :
• How the BigInsights platform can be used to analyze the voluminous data you already have
• How to draw insights from your enterprise data
• How IBM’s enterprise software experience and Persistent’s understanding of analytics have been combined with the BIG Data platform
• How the result of that combination will give the answers to your business queries


*Bruce Weed - Program Director & Big Data Business Development at IBM
*Vish Vishwanath - Senior Vice President, BI & Analytics, Persistent Sytems
*Anand Ghalsasi - Associate Vice President, Sales, Persistent Systems

When:  February 23, 2012 at 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Register at: http://bit.ly/yZ9VHK


Feb 17, 2012

Free Webinar on "What She Said: How Women's Social Conversations Impact Buying Intent and Purchasing Behavior"


Visible and Jason Falls, CEO of Social Media Explorer is giving an informative webcast that will discuss how listening to “what she said” in the social sphere and integrating this social data with existing business systems can shed light on what influences and impacts women’s buying intent and purchasing behavior.

As an attendee you will learn: 
  • The top topics women discuss online
  • Key marketing and advertising learnings from these conversations
  • How social integration can tie social buying intent with increased sales
  • How  leading brands are using social data and integration to increase online and offline sales

WHEN : Tue Feb 21 2012 | 1:35 PM EST | 1 hour

SPEAKER : Jason Falls

REGISTER : http://bit.ly/AFgarG

Feb 15, 2012

Free Virtual Event and Learn from Social Business Experts

Social is generating tons of data, but that data only becomes truly valuable when examined in context. To understand the business value inherent in enterprise social software, companies must look through the lens of analysis. There are as many metrics to consider as there are methods to obtain social analytics. The health of a business can be measured though user activity, strength of network relationships, attitudes and anecdotes. But what is the value of each method and metric? What are their limitations? When should you apply them and why?

Join for the Enterprise 2.0 Virtual Event on February 16, 2012 to learn how social analytics will provide the bridge to unlocking business value.

Virtual Event Agenda
12:00 pm ET
Virtual Event Opens
12:30 pm ET –
1:15 pm ET
Opening Keynote Address: How Analytics and Big Data Are Driving Better Social Business Performance

Speaker: Dion Hinchcliffe, Executive Vice President of Strategy, Dachis Group
Moderator: Paige Finkelman, General Manager, Enterprise 2.0 Conference
1:30 pm ET –
2:15 pm ET
IBM Platinum Sponsor Feature Presentation: Maximizing Competitive Advantage with Social Analytics

Speaker: Mark Heid, Program Director, Social Analytics Solutions, IBM Corporation
Moderator: Paige Finkelman, General Manager, Enterprise 2.0 Conference
2:30 pm ET –
3:15 pm ET
Case Study: Creating Unique Customer Experiences

Speaker: James Niehaus, Director, Optimization and Web Analytics, Symantec
Moderator: Paige Finkelman, General Manager, Enterprise 2.0 Conference
3:30 pm ET –
4:15 pm ET
5 Styles of Social Media Analytics

Speaker: David Carr, Editor, The BrainYard, the Community for Social Business
Moderator: Paige Finkelman, General Manager, Enterprise 2.0 Conference
4:30 pm ET –
5:15 pm ET
Social Analytics — The Value Behind the Hype

Speaker: Alan Lepofsky, VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
Moderator: Paige Finkelman, General Manager, Enterprise 2.0 Conference

Register today !!!

Feb 14, 2012

Bango Meets Their Big Data Challenge:Improving Mobile Analytics and Driving Online Business

The global mobile marketing and advertising market is growing at a CAGR of 37 percent* as consumers increasingly use mobile devices to purchase apps, pay bills and search the web—and the trend is only going to steepen.

As a leading provider of online payment and analytics technology, Bango needed to provide the fast, flexible analytics performance their customers required in the face of dramatically increased data volumes.

Join Tim Moss, Bango's chief data officer, as he discusses how Bango, with tens of millions of records coming every day (and growing), met their Big Data challenge with Infobright, enabling Bango's customers to make better, faster market responses:
  • Satisfying customer demand for ad-hoc queries without performance penalties
  • Providing simple administration, virtually eliminating the need for DBA tuning
  • Delivering a highly scalable, low-cost solution
  • Allowing real-time access to the data through fast loading and query response
Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2012
 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET
Duration: 60 Minutes

Register : http://bit.ly/xHBeYM

Featured Speakers:
Tim Moss,  Chief Data Officer, Bango plc
Susan Davis,  VP Marketing and Product Management, Infobright

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