SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys Tutorial – Part 1

SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys from IBM is a survey text analytics tool that provides deep dive analysis of qualitative text (survey responses to open-ended questions). It converts unstructured data into structured data; find hidden patterns, sentiments etc… 

It helps us in segmenting the responses on different dimensions and then correlates it with the sentiments.

The tool combines the linguistic technologies with manual work. But as the tool has very simple drag and drop features, it makes easier to use the tool.

Click on file ->New project

Select the type of file. I am selecting .xls file type

Drag the primary key to “Unique ID” box. In my file, names are unique. You can have tickets ID or survey ID unique. The column having text on which you want to do analysis will go to “Open ended text” box. All the other variables will go to “reference” field.  During analysis you can correlate the categories built by you with the variables in reference box.

 If you have text in different language and you want it to be converted in English, then selects the checkbox.

 If you want to use inbuilt taxonomy of SPSS like employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, then select the Text-Analysis package option. But if you want to build your own categories then select the “resource template” option.

 The tool will crawl the data, extract key concepts, group and index the data.

Stay tuned for the next post in this series.

Please share your tips and tricks/best practices on this tool!!!


  1. can I get a link to download a cracked version of the software plzzzzz

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  3. There is a question: if an error message pops up and the error code is -1073741819, what does that mean? Could someone explain the code?

  4. Jin, there's a bug. Google that error, and you'll find an explanation on their site, and a patch.


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