How to Read, Write data and Transform Cases in RAPIDMINER

I recently started exploring RapidMiner to do sentiment analysis and text classification of social media data. So I am going to post some tutorials on RapidMiner based on what I have learned so far on this tool.
In this post, I am writing on very basic thing – How to read, write data and transform cases in RapidMiner.

RapidMiner is a free tool and can be downloaded from .  Make sure you have Text Analytics plugin of RapidMiner installed.

Below is the model, I have built in RapidMiner to read and write text.

It includes 5 operators
  • Read Excel
  • Nominal to Text
  • Process Documents
  • Transform Cases
  • Write Excel

We start with Read Excel operator. “Read Excel” operator loads data from MS Excel spreadsheets. This operator is able to reads data from Excel 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003 and 2007.

Select the excel file from your system which you want to load.

Excel file which I have uploaded using Read Operator is shown below.

Connect it with the “Nominal to Text” operator.  This operator replaces all nominal attributes by corresponding string attributes.

Then connect it further with “Process Documents to Data”.

At the end connect “Write Excel” operator. Select the excel file where you want to write the output. This operator can be used to write data into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This operator creates Excel files readable by Excel 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003 and newer.

In the process documents, I have added operator “Transform Cases” as shown in below pic.
“Transforms case” operator transforms all characters in a document to either lower case or upper case, respectively.

Select from the drop down whether you want to transform all text to upper or lower case.

Run the Model.

You can see that the text have been transformed to lower case and will be written in output excel file.

If you are looking for XML of this model, please leave your email ID in comment box and I will share the XML with you.


  1. I am looking for the XML. Kann you send me this one:


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