To find frequency of the words using RapidMiner

In my previous post, I wrote on How to read and write data in RapidMiner. In this post, I am covering How to count the words frequency in text using RapidMiner. The model contains following operators:

  1. Read Excel
  2. Nominal to Text
  3. Process Documents
  4. Tokenize
  5. Transform cases
  6. Filter Stopwords

RapidMiner model is shown below:

In Process documents operator, add 3 operators as shown below:

Tokenize operator splits the text of a document into a sequence of tokens.

Transform cases operator transform the words cases in desired format.

Fiter Stopwords operator removes English stopwords from a document like and, or, not, is, an etc…

Output :

If you are looking for XML of this word frequency model using RapidMiner, leave your email ID in comment box.




  2. I am looking for XML of this word frequency model using RapidMiner

  3. Could you email me at gunjanamit @
    I will share the XML of this model

  4. how can i get missing operators ?


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