Jul 15, 2013

How to find influencers Klout Score

Using Klout, we can measure how the people who are active in social media influence each other online.

We can use Klout API to get the scores of people who are speaking about the brand on various social media platforms. These Klout scores can also be used as a benchmark to measure the engagement of brand’s owned media as compared to competitor’s social media handles.

Below is the process of generating the Klout scores using their API:

  1. Generate API key from URL http://developer.klout.com/apps/myapps
  2. Write API key in http://api.klout.com/v2/identity.json/twitter?screenName=barackobama&key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Write twitter handle name instead of “BarackObama”
  4. It will a generate ID
  5. Add that ID in http://api.klout.com/v2/user.json/2055/score?key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in place of “2055” and write API key in end
  6. It will give the Klout  score to you

 Image Credit : www.bitstrips.com

How you are leveraging Klout Scores in your social media strategy? Please share via comments....

Jul 7, 2013

Online and InStore Analytics using Social Media Data

This is in continuity of my previous posts “Classifying social media mentions on various dimensions - Part 1 and Part 2”.

Various retail brands have options of both online shopping and instore shopping.

For social media analytics monitoring, we have to make sure we do separate classification of dimensions for online and instore shopping experience of customers.

Below are some sample dimensions for Online shopping experience analytics:
  • ·         Price
  • ·         Delivery Time
  • ·         Quality of Products
  • ·         Pre-Ordering
  • ·         Customer Service
  • ·         Convenience
  • ·         Availability and Collection

Below are some sample dimensions for Instore shopping experience analytics:
  • ·         Price
  • ·         Quality of Products
  • ·         Staff
  • ·         Convenience
  • ·         Availability and Collection
  • ·         Billing Time

Jul 1, 2013

Social Network Analysis - NodeXL - Intro

NodeXL is a free and open source network analysis and visualization software package for Microsoft Excel (2007/2010).

You can download the NodeXL from www.nodexl.codeplex.com

Once you download the NodeXL, run it and you can see that as a separate tab in your Excel. Click on the tab and goto Import. You will see many options there. In this post, we will be focusing on “Twitter Search Network”.

Twitter Search Network will help in importing a Twitter network of people whose tweets contain a specified hashtag or word. For example, I have used here word “airtel”. When you are first time using the NodeXL, you have to get the app authorized with Twitter.

Once authorized, it will give you a PIN which needs to be added to NodeXL.

When the authorization is done, NodeXL will extract all the data in different sheets.

You can extract only one week old data of Twitter. You might need to connect to services like GNIP or Data Sift for achieve Twitter data. But still using NodeXL, you can keep appending the data to create a useful network data.

Click on “Refresh Graph” to create the network graph as shown in below pic.

In the above graph, you can see some 3-4 highly dense nodes. By clicking on Zoom and hovering over those nodes, you can find the twitter account for it.

Above graphs shows the dense nodes are of “airtelpresence” and “airtelug”. Both of these are brands own twitter handles.

Through this network analysis, you can find the influences who are twitting about the brand and have a high reach.

In the upcoming posts, I will be covering the other features of NodeXL.

Through comments, let me know your query on NodeXL. 

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