How to find influencers Klout Score

Using Klout, we can measure how the people who are active in social media influence each other online.

We can use Klout API to get the scores of people who are speaking about the brand on various social media platforms. These Klout scores can also be used as a benchmark to measure the engagement of brand’s owned media as compared to competitor’s social media handles.

Below is the process of generating the Klout scores using their API:

  1. Generate API key from URL
  2. Write API key in
  3. Write twitter handle name instead of “BarackObama”
  4. It will a generate ID
  5. Add that ID in in place of “2055” and write API key in end
  6. It will give the Klout  score to you

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How you are leveraging Klout Scores in your social media strategy? Please share via comments....


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