Twitter Topic Explorer - Free tool

Jeff Clerk from Neoformix has come up with another beautiful tool called as Twitter Topic Explorer.

This tool does the text analytics on a person tweet. Based on word cluster algorithms, it classify the words used in tweets in different groups and display it beautifully.

You can explore the tool at

The tool retrieves the recent tweets of a particular twitter ID and extracts most common words from those tweets.

The size of the bubble is based on the word frequency and the words most often used together are grouped together with same color. This tool also works on the twitter lists.

We can use this tool in many ways:

  • As Jeff suggested, we can identify who to follow on Twitter. We can analyse who have similar  interests and are tweeting about the topics which are meaningful for you.
  • We can decipher the tweets of competitor and analyse what they are tweeting about
  • We can find out the topic trends based on our brand market influencers
  • We can correlate this data of our brand tweets with the other KPI’s like retweets, replies. This will help us in identifying the topic which is resonating with our customers and keeping them engage.

Below are some of the screenshots of the tool based on my twitter handle @gunjan_amit :

How you are planning to use this tool. Share your thoughts with us…


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