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Facebook Groups Analytics tool

Analyzing the Facebook group is really a challenge. I recently came across a wonderful tool . I tried using that in one of my group and insights are really great !

Some of the screenshots of this tool are given below:

How calculates influencers:Influencers are group members whose posts are the most liked and commented by others. The Influence ratio is based on the number of likes + 2*number of comments.

METRICS & KPIS Here you will find the definitions of the various statistics Grytics is providing to analyse your social media groups.
Would you like to try this tool?

Python Tutorial : If Else condition

Here is the syntax for if else condition in Python:

pencils = 80
students = 20
if distribution>=4 :   print("OK")
else:    print("NOT OK")

This code checks whether every student get minimum 4 pencils or not. If yes, then print "OK" or print "NOT OK".

Python Tutorial : Double condition in IF

If you have a double conditions scenario in python, you can use the below code. Make sure you press TAB button after : otherwise you might get "Indent Block" error.

today = "Monday"
if today =="Monday" or today == "Wednesday" :    print ("Swimming classes")

Python Tutorial : Make HTML

You can use HTML tags in python to style your text.

dish = "pasta"
print("<b>" + dish + "</b>")
print("<h1>" + dish + "</h1>")

Python Tutorial : Concatenate and Print

Here is the tutorial for using print command and how we can concatenate the string with variables.

favorite_vegetable = "asparagus"
favorite_entree = "noodles"

print("My favorites are " + favorite_vegetable + " and " + favorite_entree)

Writing R Functions

R has a very easy way to make functions. In this post, we will learn some simple R functions.

Graphics in R

To do basic graphics in R, I would suggest to download ggplot2 package.

In this post, we will learn how to dowload package and create histograms, scatterplot, boxplots.

Reading file in R

The best way to read data from a csv file is using read.table.

Here in this example, I have shown how to read the online csv file and later show the top and bottom rows of data.

Data Frames in R

Data Frames in R

NA and NULL in R

NA and NULL values are something you will always find in every statistical project.

NA is when any value is missing whereas NULL is absence of anything.

Functions in R

Functions in any language are very powerful. Here we have run some of the functions in Rstudio.

Advanced vectors in R

Some more advanced operations on vectors in R are given below:

Vectors in R

A vector is a collection of elements of same type. Example : a(1,4,3,2,5,1) , b("Python", "R", "java", "excel") are vectors.

The advantage of vectors are that operations are applied to all elements of vector automatically.

Data Types in R

There are many data types in R that store various kinds of data. the 4 main types are given below:


Variables Assignment in R

Variables are an integral part of any programming language. in R, we have a lot of flexibility in terms of variables.

Below in R studio, I have shown in a simplest manner how to use variables in R.

Basic R functions

To start running the basic R functions, you should have R downloaded and installed.
I am using R studio which can be downloaded from

In the next post, we will cover Variables assignment.

Top Curation and Aggregation Services

I have listed Top Curation and Aggregation Services in this post. I would strongly reocmmend you to use atleast 1-2 of these services. Public Radio

How to optimize your social profiles

In today's competitive market, we can make our profiles more sellable by optimizing our social handles.

Below are some quick tips:

Pick a neutral screen name - Like @GunjanAggarwal. Dont pick the screen name which is too lengthy or specialised like @GunjanAnalyst
Have a common profile picture in all your social media accounts
Have a Tag Line 
Get a vanity URL - Instead of having numbers in URL like , pick
Have professional pages like Facebook Page